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What To Do Now? Court Reporter Career Training

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Court reporters are professionals who rely on rapid processing of what they hear in order to transmit information to others outside the court. Whether speaking into a microphone or using a special transcription machine, court reporters must be accurate and timely in order to be effective. Retraining to improve your skills for this occupation can be done through specialized classes at a vocational or technical school or through online court reporter training courses.

Improve Your Skills: Court Reporting 101

Essential court reporter career skills include a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. An understanding of courtroom procedure is also important. Court reporters are responsible for capturing and transmitting courtroom information as it transpires. This is done by speaking into a voice-silencing machine almost simultaneously with the proceedings or by typing them in a shorthand code into a steno-type machine.

Court reporters make closed captioning text transmittal possible. When you read subtext as you watch cable television news, you are experiencing the work of a court reporter. Whether speaking or typing, a court reporter needs excellent concentration and focus. Court reporters must also read over their reports for accuracy. This job is important in any economy, and the demand for this service is expected to grow into the next decade.

Court Reporter Career Advice

Are you eager to improve your skills to work as a court reporter? You should have a great attention to detail and accuracy. In addition, you may need to retrain to be able to manage the job-specific task of capturing and transmitting information rapidly. Employers look for a specialized education in the skills that are needed for this career. Vocational schools, technical schools, and online court reporter training courses can supplement actual experience in the courtroom.

Court Reporting Career Outlook

  • Get Certified. Court reporters that are certified have the best chances for job prospects
  • Outlook Good. Because of broadcast captioning and translation of court events, job openings for court reporters are expected to increase as the demand rises
  • What to Expect. Court reporters play a critical role in providing accurate transcripts of court proceedings for legal council, real-time transcription for the hearing impaired, and to secure a legal record of trial cases
  • Methods for Documenting Court Proceedings. The use of a stenographic machine, audio transcription, and voice writing--a method of voice transcription of the court recorder's spoken account of what was said during the trial
  • Primary Skills Required. Court reporters should have a thorough knowledge of the English language, highly developed listening capabilities, and be able to speak clearly in courtroom settings
  • May 2013 Median Salary. Court reporters earned $54,760 with top 10% making more than $93,240 annually.
  • May 2013 Highest Paying States. New York, California, Maine, Colorado, Kansas

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