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Customs is an area of law enforcement that focuses on America's imports and exports. Trade rules and regulations are complex, and a customs agent must know the laws as well as be prepared to enforce them. If this career intrigues you, consider retraining in the customs field. Online customs agent training courses are one way to improve your skills for entry into this rewarding field.

Customs Agents: Retrain to Gain Necessary Career Skills

Customs agents are on the front line of trade in the U.S. They understand the legal boundaries of what is allowed in as well as what needs to be taxed. They inspect baggage, cargo, and packages. If you have an excellent memory and are detail-oriented, a little law enforcement retraining can help you apply your skills to a position as a customs agent.

You should be mentally and physically strong, good under pressure, and able to communicate well with all kinds of people. Even in a difficult economic times, the government needs customs agents--they're an integral part of today's global economy.

Career Advice for Retraining as a Customs Agent

To begin as a customs agent you must first be a law enforcement professional. Online customs agent training courses can be quite useful as you retrain, giving you specialized information and career skills for this field. Because law enforcement officers can have a wide range of diplomas and degrees, the best career advice for potential customs agents is to retrain in order to help you prepare for the specific tests you'll need to pass to enter this field.

Career Outlook

  • Total number of employees of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department: 46,000 (18,000 customs agents and 15,000 border patrol personnel)
  • Average number of daily arrests at ports of entry: 70
  • Total number of border entries controlled by U.S. Customs agents in 2007: more than 1.1 million pedestrians and passengers, more than 251,000 airline passengers, and 70,000 containers arrive by truck, sea, and air via 326 ports of entry
  • Benefits offered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department: Permanent lifelong health care benefits to retired employees with at least five years of service
  • Average daily number of passengers and pedestrians screened by the U.S. Border Patrol: 1.09 million
  • Average amount of illegal or undeclared currency seized daily at American borders: $187,176
  • Average number of illegal entries turned around at borders daily: 2,402
  • Immigration and Customs areas of responsibility: Identify/remove criminal aliens, investigate financial crimes, intercept contraband, return cultural artifacts, and protect children from predators

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