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What To Do Now? Cyber Security Officer Training

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In these changing times, it is more important than ever that computer information be secure and protected. Daily, we hear stories about consumers who have had private information accessed by hackers, or who have been hurt in some other way through their computer system. Cyber security officers work to ensure online safety for Internet users. If you like using computers and are interested in helping people, you can improve your skills and retrain in the intriguing world of cyber security through online cyber security officer training courses.

Career Skills in Cyber Security

The field of cyber security is a fairly complex one that demands an ability to think logically about problems and diagnose their causes. An understanding of computer systems and computer programs is critical. You should be detail-oriented, at ease with computers, and adept at trouble-shooting. Even if you don't yet possess this knowledge, with the right aptitudes you can benefit from retraining to gain the career skills you need to become proficient in this field.

Career Advice for Cyber Security

With such a changing field, having an up-to-date education can give you an advantage in accessing this intriguing career. Today, some post-secondary education, such as an associate's degree is typically recommended for employment. One interesting way to improve your skills is through online cyber security officer training courses. However, some employers are now looking for employees to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or related field.

As a new technology-based economy emerges, having professionals who know how to adequately secure the safety of computer information should become even more crucial to the well-being of society. If you love learning and are particularly interested in computers, the role of cyber security officer might be a good career match for you.

Career Outlook

  • New Career, High Demand. Employment of computer support specialists and systems administrators is projected to grow much faster than the national average for all occupations with 155,000 new jobs expected between 2006 and 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Industry Trends. A new generation of white-collar crime--identity theft, click fraud, bot and SPAM attacks, and account infiltration--should spur the demand for trained cyber security officers in both the public and private sectors of the economy
  • Typical Duties. The cyber security officer educates users about the importance of computer security, installs security software, monitors networks for security breaches, responds to cyber threats, and gathers data for criminal prosecution
  • Multiple Entry Points. Most cyber security officers possess credentials that range from a certificate from a vocational training program to a bachelor's degree in computer information systems, computer science, or related field
  • Proprietary Certification. Many of the top computer organizations--Cisco, Microsoft, and Novell, just to name a few--offer cyber security training programs in their own proprietary software programs

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