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Have you ever admired a park, garden, or beautifully kept lawn? Would you like to be responsible for the creation of beautiful and functional areas? Retraining to improve your skills for a profession as a landscape architect can now be done through online landscape architect training courses as well as at campus-based programs.

Career Skills for Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects design outdoor areas for functionality, beauty, and compatibility with surrounding structures or the natural environment. They plan the arrangement of buildings, roads, walkways, artwork, and the layout of the flowers, shrubs, and trees. If you are artistic and creative, have good visual-spatial skills, and enjoy problem solving, this field might be an interesting match for you. It is also a good idea for those entering this career to have an ability to use computer programs related to design.

Many landscape architects are in private practice, although some work for firms and organizations. Landscape architects who are employed by the government might work on the design of parks and recreational fields, with some even specializing in environmental concerns. Architects need to be able to communicate effectively with the wide number of professionals they encounter on the job. Although in a struggling economy the need for this occupation decreases, new government projects involving infrastructure should drive up demand for landscape architecture into the future.

Career Advice: Designing a New Future

Do you think you might want to improve your skills for a career as a landscape architect? A bachelor's degree is considered a minimum qualification (with a specialty in landscape architecture) and a master's degree can give job applicants the leg up. Online landscape architecture training courses provide classes in science and design. As you retrain, you would also likely be acquiring hands-on experience in this career. Landscape architects will play a significant role in the ways that our future cities and suburbs look.

Career Outlook

  • Education requirements for a landscape architect: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture or Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, work experience, and passing the registration exam
  • License requirement: Landscape Architect Registration Examination is required in 49 states
  • States that require state certification in addition to exam: 15
  • Career Opportunities: Enter design competitions and get a Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Typical coursework in a landscape architecture degree program: Agriculture, ecology, site design, construction, urban and regional planning, and landscape architecture techniques
  • Where landscape architects work: Architecture firms, landscaping companies, local and state government, and independent businesses
  • Percentage of landscape architects who are self-employed: approximately 20 percent
  • Job growth: Projected to be 16% between 2006 and 2016
  • State for top paying landscape architect career: Alabama

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