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Life coaches specialize in helping others achieve their dreams. Skilled life coaches are often able to help people achieve their goals despite internal and external obstacles. This field is relatively new, and retraining is likely to require coursework in a number of areas. Online life coach training courses are one way to obtain the background in psychology, adult development, goal planning, and other related subjects that are often used in this field. Supervised experience in the field is also an important way to improve your skills.

Developing Life Coach Career Skills

Are you the person your friends come for help with life challenges? If so, life coaching might be an interesting career path for you to explore.

Life coaching is a new and growing field. As our society grows in complexity, life couches will likely be needed in any economy to help people navigate and plan the direction of their lives. Life coaches provide a support system for their clients, even as they challenge them to examine and assess their growth. A good life coach is emotionally mature, has made positive changes in their own life, and understands human needs at a deep level. Other career skills that are necessary for this field include the ability to listen, empathize, problem-solve, and gently confront.

Life coaches often have private practices. Sometimes they can work with a group, or in a non-profit organization. Some may specialize in helping artists or entrepreneurs, while others focus on helping people find partners or attain personal goals. While therapists examine the past and diagnose disorders, life coaches focus on health and look at the present and future.

Life Coaching Career Advice

The field of life coaching is still growing and evolving, especially when it comes to regulations. Many life coaches have educations in psychology, human development, organizational psychology, or a related field. A life coach should also have his or her own life in order and be mature and balanced. Practical experience with supervision is important, too. For the appropriate class work, online life coach training courses can improve your skills and provide useful information.

Career Outlook

  • A Growing Industry. According to The International Coach Federation (ICF), they currently have 12,000 life coach members worldwide.
  • The Beginnings. Business coaching as a profession has only existed for approximately twenty years. It was started by a man named Thomas Leonard
  • Training to Coach. Psychotherapy Networker estimates there are 10,000 life coaches working in the United State.
  • Certification and Credentials. You can apply for a voluntary credential to prove to clients and employees that you do have formal training in the field.
  • Solid Earnings. Some life coaches charge between $300 and $500 per hour while others charge $400 to $600 per month.
  • The Future. The International Coach Federation is trying to make coaching a licensed field, similar to psychologists, but at the moment they're the leading credentialing agency and they do charge for membership.
  • Coach U. Coach U, founded by Thomas Leonard, has trained over 30,000 coaches.

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