How to Become a Multimedia Artist and Consultant

Become a Multimedia Consultant

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Do you have a creative spirit? Enjoy movies, television, and the Internet? If you are artistic, retraining to work as a multimedia artist is an interesting way to apply your imaginative abilities and transition into a new career. Multimedia artists and consultants create images and video that are used in entertainment and informational media. Check out online multimedia consultant training courses to explore the first steps you'll need to take in gaining the career skills you need.

Career Skills for Creative Types

If you think you have artistic talent, you might want to improve your skills by getting specific training and experience. Working as a consultant across different forms of media can be a practical and fun way to apply your skills. Entertainment is a big industry no matter the economy--from movies and television shows to video games and Internet programs, there is always a need for skilled multimedia consultants to create visual images for all of these products. Add a little business and management retraining to your artistic skills, and you've got the well-rounded career skills you'll need to start in this great field.

As a multimedia consultant, you need to be able to think creatively and solve problems. Good hand-eye coordination and an understanding of spatial relations is necessary for manual drawing and the ability to digitally create images can set multimedia consultants apart from other artists. Additionally, good communication and teamwork skills are important for working on teams and with clients. An understanding of popular culture and audience tastes could also be useful.

Career Advice for Up-and-Coming Multimedia Consultants

Multimedia consultants are a special combination of artist and businessperson. If you have talent and interest in creating images for media, online multimedia consultant training courses can help you improve your skills specifically for this career. While education levels in this field can vary, a bachelor's degree (usual in visual arts or a related field) is typical.

Career Outlook

  • Primary experience and skills for multimedia consultants: computer literacy, communications skills, business experience, design skills
  • Typical education and training for multimedia consultants: bachelor's degree in visual design, Web design, or graphic design. Experience consulting a major plus
  • Projected job growth from 2012-2022: 6 percent
  • Industries that employ the most multimedia artists include: the motion picture and video industry, advertising and public relations, computer systems design, software publishers, and specialized design services.
  • Median Annual Salary: In May 2013, multimedia artists earned a median annual salary of $72,400 with top 10% making more than $118,890.
  • Top Paying States: California, Washington, District of Columbia, New York, New Mexico.
  • States with Highest Employment: California, New York, Washington, Texas, Illinois.

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