How to Become a Promotions and Convention Manager

Become a Promotions and Convention Manager

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If you love to strategize and are good with detail, you might be interested in learning more about the career skills of a promotions and conventions manager. Like any event planner, a promotions and conventions manager oversees all aspects of upcoming conventions, from location and finances to media and seating. Continuing education classes, certificate programs, or online convention manager training courses can help you improve your skills, although practical on-the-job training is also considered an important foundation for this occupation.

Promotions and Conventions Manager Career Skills

Promotions and conventions managers need to be excellent organizational planners. With an eye for detail, visual-spatial abilities, and excellent communication skills, they use their talents to put together a superior environment for their clients' programs. Convention planners might locate the appropriate setting for a meeting, plan meals, check out audio-visual equipment, and other event-related necessities.

Promotions and convention managers work closely with many kinds of professionals. They need to have excellent customer service skills, as well as an ability to work well with a team. Although this field is somewhat dependent on the state of the economy, the need for promotions and conventions managers is expected to grow in the next decade.

Career Advice for Promotions and Conventions Managers

If you are good at organizing and enjoy event planning, you might want to consider retraining as a promotions and conventions manager. There is no requirement for education, although employers tend to prefer job candidates who have a bachelor's degree. If you would like to improve your skills for this profession, you can attend traditional campus programs or try online promotions and conventions manager training courses. Experience in the field is an important component of advancing in this career, and many people who become promotions and conventions managers start out as assistants.

Career Outlook

  • Median Annual Salary. In May 2013, the Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners earned a median annual salary of $50,190 with top 10% making more than $79,550.
  • Projected Career Growth 2012-22. 33 Percent - Much faster than the national average of 11 percent.
  • Top Paying States. District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.
  • States with Highest Employment. California, New York, Texas, Florida, Virginia.
  • What to Expect. Because of the nature of the work, convention planners and promoters often have to work long hours before and during the scheduled event
  • Ready, Jet Set, Go. Extensive travel may be required for these positions
  • Better Your Chances. Job opportunities are brightest for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree and have some background as a meeting planner
  • You're in Charge. Convention planners act as the directors for organizing details such as selection of a convention site, coordinating exhibit space, lodging arrangements, and other logistics related to running a successful convention
  • You Can Do It. Individuals who thrive in a growing environment, are talented in multitasking, and enjoy working with people will likely be best suited for a career as promotional-convention managers
  • Find Your Career Path. Although many employers prefer job candidates with a bachelor's degree, applicable skill sets and highly effective job performance can sometimes be accepted in lieu of a college degree

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