How to Become a Social Worker

What To Do Now? Social Worker Career Training

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Social workers are professionals who are devoted to helping people in need. If you care about the physical, emotional, financial, and social well-being of others, you could explore retraining in social work to improve your skills for this field. Online social worker training courses can supply coursework that supplements field experience.

Caring for People in Need: The Social Worker's Career Skills

Social workers are employed by a number of types of agencies and organizations, and work with people of all ages and backgrounds. Typically, social workers help individuals or groups get the assistance they need in order to function better in one or a number of areas of their lives. For instance, some social workers specialize in the needs of the elderly, while others work in school systems reaching out to disadvantaged children. Social workers may also diagnose and offer solutions and treatment plans for problems such as drug abuse, child abuse, poverty, and more.

Other career skills and qualities social workers need include patience, diagnostic ability, problem-solving, and listening skills. Successful social workers also possess a good understanding of the particular issues they handle. Finally, good record keeping is a necessity as outside agencies such as Medicaid often have strict requirements for the kinds of records that are submitted to them.

The field of social work spans many settings including clinics, agencies, hospitals, and schools. Some social workers have advanced degrees and function as psychotherapists, either in private practice or clinics.

Career Advice for the Social Worker

Whether the economy is doing well or not, social workers are often consulted for the many problems people face. Jobs in the field can be obtained with a four-year education, but private practice and administrative positions often require a master's degree. Online social worker training courses can provide a background in child development, family systems, cultural issues, and more. In addition, social workers often round out their skills by completing an internship or getting other practical experience in the field.