How to Become a Telecommunications Equipment Repairer & Installer

Become a Telecommunications Equipment Repairer

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The field of telecommunications is becoming increasingly complex as computer and phone technology evolves. If you enjoy hands-on-work, and are interested in telephone, Internet, and cable systems, it might be the perfect time for you to look into online telecommunications equipment repair and installation training courses. If you've got some experience in this industry, but feel a little out of the loop, retraining is available through certificate courses or 2-4 year programs.

Connecting Your Background to New Career Skills

Are you patient, detail-oriented, able to follow instructions, and interested in technological systems? Even if you have not worked in telecommunications before, you can enroll in online telecommunications equipment repair and installation training courses to improve your skills--not to mention your chances at a career in this ever-changing economy.

Telecommunications equipment repairers and installers are the front-line workers who make sure that consumers and businesses have systems that work well. When cable, Internet, or phones go down, people get frustrated, business--meaning money--is lost, and progress comes to a stand still. A skilled telecommunications equipment repairer is a great diagnostician who really knows the equipment, can solve problems efficiently, and communicates with management effectively when more complex solutions are needed. Typically these repairers work for companies who send them out individually or in teams to solve technological hardware problems. The best telecommunications equipment installers have the career skills that make repairs few and far between, which makes the career of telecommunications equipment repairer and installer a perfect combination.

even in a bumpy and highly competitive economy people still need their systems installed properly efficiently working smoothly--maybe more than ever repairers generally have to be available for emergency situations so the schedule is varied sometimes involves crisis calls.

Career Advice for Telecommunications Equipment Repairers and Installers

There is a range of education and backgrounds suitable for this career. Telecommunications repairers and installers can get a certificate (obtained in a few months) or go for more extensive training--or retraining to improve specific career skills. Online telecommunications equipment repair and installation courses provide a way for you to update and improve your skills, making you a good and competitive candidate for a job in this field.

Career Outlook

  • Median Annual Salary: In May 2013, the Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers earned a median annual salary of $54,030 with top 10% making more than $75,690.
  • States with Highest Employment: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois.
  • Top Paying States: Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Alaska, Massachusetts.
  • Industry in Transition: Telecommunications officers are finding a changing employment landscape--from the traditional wired network to a wireless communications web.
  • Major trends that should drive the hiring demand in the industry: high-speed Internet, VoIP and telephony, mobile technologies, and data transmission.
  • Projected employment growth in the telecommunications industry through 2016: 5 percent
  • Educational requirements for employment as a telecommunications officer: Despite the fact that many telecommunications jobs are experience-heavy, employers prefer candidates with two or four-year degrees.
  • Who is Hiring? Wired telecommunications carriers hire 55 percent of the workforce, wireless telecommunications carriers employ 4 percent, and 5 percent work with cable distributors.
  • Gain the Edge: Like most technology-driven professions, telecommunications officers familiar with recent Web-based and proprietary software should have a competitive advantage.

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