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Organizing a wedding is a complex project. Many brides and grooms hire wedding planning professionals to manage the details. If you are interested in retraining as a wedding planner, you could improve your skills through specialized education in the area. Online wedding planner training courses provide a convenient way to obtain the knowledge necessary to advance in this career.

Wedding Planner Career Skills

If you like planning events and have good strategic thinking abilities, you might enjoy exploring the career skills of a wedding planner. Wedding planners must have excellent organizational skills and need to understand every aspect of weddings-- from choosing the caterer to flowers and color schemes. To do this job well, you must have an excellent customer service abilities as well as good communication skills. You must be able to attend to the wishes of brides, some of whom may be demanding about their special days. Negotiation skills are also a career bonus.

Wedding planners typically work in private practices, although they could be employed by an organization or small group. They collaborate with professionals in a variety of trades--florists, caterers, dress designers, musicians, and hall managers. Even though this field is somewhat economy dependent, there should continue to be a need for wedding planners as many brides don't want to organize the entire event on their own.

Career Advice for Wedding Planners

Organizing a wedding is a lot of work. If you think you have what it takes to make it in this career, you can improve your skills through classes specific to the field. Many wedding planners learn the trade from hands-on experience, and online training courses are available as well.

  • Career Outlook 2012-22. 33 Percent - Much faster than the national average of 11 percent for all careers.
  • Have It Their Way. Wedding planners meet with the bride, groom, and sometimes other family members to ask what sort of style and motif they want for the wedding.
  • Plan It Out. Wedding planners usually give couples a definite timeline with specific dates on what needs to be finished ahead of the wedding day.
  • Keep Moving. Wedding planners work with vendors, make budget estimates, review contracts, and are up-to-date with fashion trends.
  • Recognition, Certification. Some bridal consultants go on to be certified by established professional organizations in order to qualify as recognized professionals in the industry
  • Median Annual Salary. In May 2013, the meeting, conventions, and event planners earned a median annual salary of $50,190 with top 10% making more than $79,550.
  • States with Highest Employment. California, New York, Texas, Florida, Virginia.
  • Top Paying States. District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

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