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An online certificate program in criminal justice and law offers the education and career training you traditionally need to enter a variety of fields such as police work, probation, or corrections. For many learners, the certificate is the first step in a longer online education program and a more advanced college degree.

Law and Criminal Justice Degrees Give Back to Society

Police officers, probation officers, and corrections officers help rehabilitate criminals and keep our streets and penitentiaries safe. A certificate course in criminal justice and law can cover subjects as varied as sociology, criminology and court procedure, psychology, forensics, counter-terrorism, case management, firearms training, and more. More and more learners, when weighing education options, are opting for the convenience of an online degree--which offers learners the convenience of an online education with all the intellectual rigor of a traditional college degree program.

A Law and Criminal Justice Certificate Pays

Workers in these fields can also make good money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that police and sheriff's patrol officers earned a median annual salary of $47,460 in 2007, while detectives earned $58,260, and police and detective supervisors earned $69,310. Probation officers made $44,510, while private investigators earned around $37,640.

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