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Make an impression in a child's life by providing a base for further learning and development while caring for them in a safe and nurturing environment. Most states require credentialing to work in the child care industry. Learn to teach young children in a manner that stimulates the mind, to care for the child, and how to react in an emergency. College degrees are offered in child development, and a certificate in child care gets you well on your way there.

Career Training in Child Care

Many states require licensure to work in the child care industry. In 2006, the median annual earnings of child care workers was $17,630. An online education provides courses in language development, social interaction, and courses like introduction to mathematical concepts, among others. Many employers prefer workers with a secondary or post-secondary education. Online education offers the opportunity to obtain your certificate or even your college degree.

Career Outlook

  • Number of child care workers in the 2013: 1.31 million
  • Percentage who are self-employed: 29 percent in 2012
  • Mean annual earnings: $21,710 in May 2014
  • Projected job growth: 14 percent through 2012-22


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