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What is Network Administration?

Earning a certificate in network administration is the first step on the path to a promising career. Certificates are designed to form a beginning foundation; this foundation will teach you about creating, building, and repairing network connections between computers. Your career training will stress routing, switching, testing, and security, as these areas are crucial for network design and maintenance. Although a certificate is a good start, you should consider completing associate's or bachelor's training in the field. Many college degrees also include coursework in programming, mathematics, business administration, and logic. With these additional skills, it should be easier for you to transition into modern offices, law firms, investment banks, schools, hospitals, and any other place where connectivity is essential.

Online Education in Network Administration

Many students earn their certificates, and subsequent higher degrees, via online education programs. This only makes sense given that network administrators help install, support, and configure local area networks, wide area networks, and Internet systems. Whether you complete your training online or on a campus, your career prospects should be promising. In 2007, the median annual salary for this occupational field was nearly $65,000. Job opportunities should be favorable as related industries such as computer science and database administration should enjoy growth of 37 percent from 2006 to 2016.

Career Outlook

  • Projected job growth in network administration through 2016: Much faster than average
  • Number of network and computer systems administrators in the U.S., 2006: 309,000
  • Number of new jobs projected for computer support specialists and network administrators through 2016: 155,000
  • Median annual wage for network administrators, 2007: $64,690


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