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At slightly more than 5,500 square miles, Connecticut is one of the smallest states in the nation. However, you'd never know that by looking at the big names that have made the New England State their home base. The following are a few of the national and international firms that have headquarters in Connecticut:

  • United Healthcare
  • Bic Corporation
  • Subway
  • General Electric

Whether you're interested in a corporate position or would rather start your own company, getting the right education can be key to gaining the knowledge and skills needed for success. Here's a look at how Connecticut business programs can help you get the degree you need, even if you don't have time to head back to campus.

Online Business Programs in Connecticut

One nice aspect of business degrees is they lend themselves well to online learning. While some fields require hands-on instruction, the content of business courses can often be just as effectively conveyed via a computer as through an in-person lecture.

Connecticut business schools understand this, and many have developed robust online programs that allow students to earn their degree from the comfort of their own home. The following are a few of the schools offering online business instruction in the state.

  • University of Connecticut
  • Southern Connecticut State University
  • Quinnipiac University
  • Post University

In addition, community colleges and private schools may also offer businesses classes and degrees online. While programs at these schools may result in an associate degree or undergraduate certificate, universities typically have bachelor's degrees in business administration as well as MBA options. Some schools, such as Quinnipiac University, also have graduate certificate programs that allow business professionals to further specialize their education.

Although the format may vary by school, many online business schools in Connecticut allow students to complete coursework at whatever time is convenient for them. However, some MBA programs may require students log-in at specific times to take part in class discussions or activities. Either way, busy adults may find studying online is preferable to traveling to a campus for classes each week.

What's the Business Career Outlook in Connecticut?

A survey by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association in 2015 found 32 percent of responding firms say they are growing while 50 percent say they are holding steady. What's more, 63 percent of respondents said they had turned a profit in the last year while 22 percent say they broke even.

Those results are some of the strongest seen in the annual survey's 15-year run. Still, the state's new Commission on Economic Competitiveness is actively working to improve its business climate and attract more jobs and employers.

For now, graduates of Connecticut business schools may be able to look forward to employment in the following occupations, which are expected to see growth in the years to come.

PositionEmployment in Connecticut (2014)Average Salary in Connecticut (2014)Expected Job Growth Statewide (2012-2022)
General and Operations Managers31,660$141,75010.5%
Financial Analysts6,500$99,78017.6%
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists6,530$68,66028.1%
Human Resources Specialists5,750$67,2909.9%
Financial Managers13,130$140,9806.1%
Management Analysts9,480$93,88012.1%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014)

While education and experience affect income, location can also be a factor. In fact, salaries can be dramatically different for business professionals depending on where they live. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for general and operations managers in 2014 was as follows in Connecticut's major metropolitan areas.

  • Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk - $166,590
  • Hartford - $127,920
  • New Haven - $149,440
  • Norwich, New London - $117,320
  • Waterbury - $113,500
  • Danbury - $153,480

What are Business specializations in Connecticut?

For some business positions, employers are looking for job candidates with specialized skills. Fortunately, Connecticut business programs offer many opportunities for students to customize their education. At both the undergraduate and graduate level, schools may offer concentrations in areas such as the following.

  • Marketing
  • Taxation
  • Human resources
  • Supply chain management
  • Health care management

MBAs may also be combined with other professional degrees to maximize job opportunities after graduation. The University of Connecticut, for example, offers 11 dual degree options that allow students to earn an MBA alongside a law degree, medical degree or other graduate degree.

After graduation, business students can prove their competency in a specific area of business by earning a professional designation. These include credentials such as that of a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Analyst.

However, the first step to getting professional certification is to meet education requirements. The Connecticut business schools below can help you understand more about your certification and career options. Contact one or more today to find out how to get ready to enter the growing and dynamic field of business.

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