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The doctoral degree in law (PhD) can provide law students and legal professionals the greatest variety of career options in the field. Online courses and seminars provide a flexible education that dovetails comfortably with your work or family commitments. Specializations can include a doctorate in criminal justice, homeland security policy, or public safety leadership. Moreover, graduates of PhD programs in law find satisfying careers in the widest range of international businesses and industry, including biotechnology, health care, labor relations, management, consulting, intellectual property, education, finance, patent law practice, taxation, corporate operations, and education.

Research, Learn, and Teach Law

Online education programs leading to a doctorate in law includes research opportunities and scholarship in your specialized field, positioning you for the competitive edge in the workplace. Many graduates seek positions in education, helping to develop a new generation of lawyers to work in ever-growing legal, research, business, or law-enforcement fields.
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