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If you're an individual with a strong background in mathematics or computer programming looking to broaden your career opportunities, consider earning your PhD in technology. Technology's rise to prominence over the past two decades has created a demand for highly skilled experts. As technology continues to evolve, leaders in technological systems are needed to research new frontiers and pass their knowledge on to others. Put yourself at the forefront of innovation with a doctoral degree in technology.

Earn Your Doctorate in Technology with Online Education

Students pursuing a technology PhD can expect a research-oriented curriculum designed to prepare you for academic careers in the areas of operations, manufacturing, and information systems. Possible topics may include:
  • Manufacturing networks
  • Supply chains
  • Information processing systems
  • Automated securities exchanges
  • Product development systems
  • Contractual relations
Don't let work or personal responsibilities prevent you from exploring your potential. Completing your technology education online allows you to study at your convenience and prepare for a better career without sacrificing your current one.
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