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While doctoral programs in business administration focus on business and financial strategy, a doctoral program in management and leadership focuses on people, teams, and organizations. Many successful business leaders are not necessarily industry experts, but are experts in people management and teambuilding.

Doctoral programs in management and leadership focus on the following course areas:
  • Organizational structures
  • Personnel development
  • Information management systems
  • Diversity in contemporary business
  • International organization development
  • Human resource strategy and legislation

Become a Business Leader with a Doctorate in Management and Leadership

Many doctoral programs are available through online education and can be completed according to your schedule. A doctorate in management and leadership program at accredited online universities will carry similar course requirements to on-campus programs.

One of the benefits of a doctoral program in management and leadership is the career versatility it can afford you. Graduates pursue careers in leadership in business, marketing, human resources, and business management consulting.
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