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In the public education system, administrators are generally culled from the teacher population. Those with the ability, ambition, and training (most administrative positions require a master's degree) are able to advance their careers by becoming department heads or assistant principals. But to achieve the top positions in a school or school district often requires even more. If your ambition is to become a school principal or top district administrator, consider earning your doctoral degree in education administration.

Educate Educators: Doctoral Degree in Education Administration

Experience as a teacher--or even as a department head or assistant principal--doesn't necessarily prepare you to be a principal or superintendent. While the focus at all levels remains on educating children, high-level administrators are primarily concerned with managing their staff and their institution: in short, working with and leading adults, not children. A doctoral degree program in education administration provides those skills with courses covering subjects such as organization and management, educational law, leadership assessment, and public sector negotiation (i.e. dealing with school boards and other political entities).
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