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Becoming a teacher of ESL (English as a Second Language) can be a rewarding career. You'll help people gain the language skills they need for success. ESL teachers work closely with refugee and migrant populations who need to learn English-- and they understand how to best reach adult learners. While you can be an ESL teacher in a community program or school after earning a bachelor's or master's degree, pursuing a doctorate in teaching English as Second Language allows you to conduct research or design ESL programs.

Why Should You Get a PhD in ESL?

If you have been teaching ESL, getting a doctorate can allow you to take the next step into the administration of an ESL program, research, consulting, or teaching at the college level. Earning your doctorate in ESL will involve coursework in linguistics, language acquisition and teaching strategies. You may also have the opportunity to conduct research on a topic that interests you. Online programs provide a flexible option to those wishing to earn their doctorates while continuing to work.
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