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The U.S. is always in need of qualified teachers, administrators, and support staff for K-12 schools--and now more than ever. New federal requirements for curriculum, coursework, and teacher training ensure that all public school teachers are thoroughly trained and meet national standards for their own education.

K-12 Education: Getting Your Teaching License

A variety of career training options are available for teachers. Associate degrees can prepare you to work as a support staffer or teacher's aide in K-12 classrooms. Bachelor's degrees in education are typically required to teach in the public school system. Master's degree programs in education often specialize in particular subfields such as ESL, educational leadership, curriculum design or content-area specialties like math or social studies. There are also specialized degrees for professional staff such as reading specialists, counselors, and therapists. Some teachers pursue PhDs in education to enter administrative positions.

K-12 Education Degree and Programs

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