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Construction is one of the nation's largest industries, with 7.7 million wage and salary jobs in 2006. This wide-ranging career includes residential and nonresidential building, utility system construction, land subdivision, and specialty trades like building equipment contracting and foundation and structure specializations. Nearly 65 percent of construction establishments employ fewer than five workers, meaning that even with the industry's overall size, you're likely to be a part of a small operation that values your individual knowledge.

Construction Careers

Career training in construction is possible in a range of fields, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job applicants with formal training typically enter the workforce at a faster pace. Courses in mechanical drawing and mathematics are typical in construction training programs, as is specialized training in fields like woodworking, plumbing, and electrical work. Job prospects for construction workers are expected to be excellent in the coming years.

Construction Degree and Programs

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