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Graduate schools offer many options to students wishing to pursue a master's degree in business. Graduate degrees in business include the master's of arts in business, the master's of science in business, and the master's of business administration (MBA). A doctor of philosophy in business (PhD) and doctor of business administration (DBA) are also available.

While a master's of arts or a master's of science is generally a one-year program that focuses on specific business topics, the more popular MBA degree is a broadly focused two-year program that often allows the opportunity for specialization in a specific area. Accounting, finance, management, and marketing are a few of the MBA specialized fields of study available at graduate schools. MBA programs often gear coursework toward real-world applications. Doctoral programs are more theoretical and are often designed for those with research interests in the business field.

Many students pursue an advanced degree in business to broaden their job opportunities and increase their earning potential. Earning an MBA is often a prerequisite to work in management at a larger company or a specialized business firm.

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