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Need career advice? Looking to make a professional leap? Got questions about your education options? Our Guidance Counselor and network of career professionals are available to help you navigate your way through your education and to break into a promising career. Here's how it works: send us your questions about schools, careers, or professional life and one of our counselors will answer them here, on this blog.

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If you are just starting your college search and aren't sure where to begin, ask the Guidance Counselor. If you're having a tough time navigating your options, ask the Guidance Counselor. Got any other school/career/education questions?-Send them to the Guidance Counselor. Earning an education is a big time and financial investment. Be sure to get all the career planning advice and information you need to be on your way to a promising career.

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If you've already settled on a program of study or career you'd like to pursue, our network of career professionals is available to help you understand your chosen path. If you need anything from advice on electives to tips for landing your first job, our professionals have been there--and would be happy to share their experiences and career advice with you. When submitting your question, be sure to select the professional you'd like you ask out of:

Don't forget, if you have a question that can't be answered by one of the professionals, send it on to the Guidance Counselor for professional advice.

Be sure to also browse through the questions that have already been answered by the Guidance Counselor and our professionals. You may find that what you're looking for has already been answered-or ask follow up questions in the comments section. With help and guidance, you can be on your way to your dream career in no time.

Advantages of Becoming an Entrepreneur

Question: My friends tell me I should start my own design business. They run their own businesses and they make it sound like fun. I like the idea, but I'm not ready to dump my job. But I'm worried that entrepreneur job description will be too complex and that the job is too risky. I'm taking ...

Can I Get an F-1 Visa for Online Programs?

Question: Can an International student get F-1 VISA for the program offered. How many classes do I have to take per semester. How much is the tuition per semester? Answer: The F-1 Visa is a non-immigrant Visa that allows foreign students to study at colleges in the United States. Many institutions of higher education are happy to accept ...

How Long Does It Take to Complete a High School Diploma?

Question: How long will it take to complete the high school diploma program? I am 41 years old and am interested in finally getting my high school diploma. I am also interested in becoming a nurse. Answer: A full time high school student in a traditional local program goes for 4 years. Someone who has had some high ...

Is My Online Diploma Valid?

Question: I am 47 yrs old, I did not finish high school but took a diploma course from Jefferson High School Online in 2009, Is this worth anything to these online schools, or did I waste my time and money with them? Answer: This is an excellent question. I understand that you would like to complete your high ...

Real Estate Jobs Other Than Sales

Question: I have recently completed an online real estate course, but haven't taken the licensing exam yet. I am unsure whether or not I want to be a sales agent. Are there other real estate jobs I could do with a real estate license? I am feeling a little lost career-wise, thanks in advance for ...

Top 10 countries for start-ups

Question: Dear Mr. Greechie, I want to start a business abroad, but I'm not sure where. I can analyze the market in each country I'm considering, but I need to know about government regulation. I've heard that compliance is very demanding in some places. What countries are best in terms of business regulation? Would a course in ...