Is My Online Diploma Valid?

Is My Online Diploma Valid?

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I am 47 yrs old, I did not finish high school but took a diploma course from Jefferson High School Online in 2009, Is this worth anything to these online schools, or did I waste my time and money with them?

This is an excellent question. I understand that you would like to complete your high school degree or get the equivalency, and frankly such a step would likely increase your chances for higher paid work.

As you point out, many of the courses being offered online now are not worth the time and money because they are not legitimate. An online program which offers you a quick diploma without any coursework to go with it is illegitimate. So are online “schoolsâ€�? which promise that you can take the GED, which is a diploma equivalent, online.

The GED can only be taken at a local site sponsored by your state department of education. While you can study and prepare for the GED through good online courses, you cannot take the actual exam online.

There are some accredited schools online which offer a legitimate high school diploma. These schools will have an approved curriculum, work you do independently, and staff you interact with by phone or computer.

If you are in doubt what kind of online school you were involved with, speak with your local high school guidance counselor, or even with an admissions counselor at a college that is local to you or interests you. You can also look up your program online and see what accreditations it has.

Like anything worthwhile in life, effort is involved in finishing your degree. If you don’t remember having to do any work to get your diploma, then it is likely not worth the money that you paid.

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