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I have recently completed an online real estate course, but haven't taken the licensing exam yet. I am unsure whether or not I want to be a sales agent. Are there other real estate jobs I could do with a real estate license? I am feeling a little lost career-wise, thanks in advance for any ideas.-Tim B.


Tim, thanks for the question and congratulations on completing your online real estate course. Even though you are feeling unsure of your career path right now, at least you have taken an initial step down a path towards a new career sometime in the future. Being that you have already invested the time and money into completing your real estate course, I strongly encourage you to follow through and take the state real estate exam. If you do not take the exam, then you may feel that your time and money was wasted. In addition, the exam is pretty straight forward, and it is to your advantage to take the test while the course information is still fresh in your head.

What Jobs Can You Get With A Real Estate License?

Once you pass the exam and receive your real estate license, then there are several real estate jobs that you can consider. Although many people who earn their real estate license become active in sales, there are other career options for you. One possibility would be to work as a licensed assistant for a real estate broker. This would allow you to get a feel for the business while still earning a steady pay check, plus as an assistant you would have a wide range of work responsibilities above and beyond just sales. You could find yourself creating marketing campaigns, organizing office files and functions, or working with contracts and technology programs. Although sales is a major part of the real estate industry, you would be surprised at how many other aspects to the business there are.

Another option for you to consider would be property management. While not all states require a property manager to be a licensed agent, a real estate license can be an welcome asset to a successful property manager. Real estate jobs which focus on property management usually do not require you to sell anything, but there are many similarities between the two occupations. Both property managers and sales agents need to be self-motivated, organized, and personable, as well as able to handle a diverse work environment and flexible work schedule. As a property manager you could help clients manage and lease their rental units or you could work for a condominium or home owner's association. You could also focus on commercial property management, which would entail working with businesses and commercial lease tenants.

Using Your Real Estate License as a Springboard To Your Next Career

Another reason that I encourage you to follow through with the exam and get your real estate license is that a new work experience may open up a door to a future job opportunity. As previously mentioned, real estate jobs are varied and there are many different skill sets to learn by working in the industry. While working in real estate, you may find that you have an undiscovered talent for marketing or technology. In fact, you could think of a job in real estate as a way to explore several different career options at once!

With your real estate licensing course already completed, all you need to do is pass the state exam and then you could work for a while as a licensed assistant, a property manager, or even a real estate salesperson. Even if you only worked for a short period of time, at least you would be opening yourself up to some new work experiences and learning some new skills. As they say-"every journey begins with a few simple steps", and I believe that you have taken your initial steps. Now you just need to see where the path leads. Good luck and thanks for checking in with us at Online-Education.net!

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