How much does a chair rental cost and what does it include?

Chair Rental Costs and Particulars

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Hello Guidance Counselor,

How much does it cost to rent a chair and does that include the chemicals?




Hi Geneva,

Although this sounds like a simple question, it really isn’t. Chair rental arrangements are different in every salon, from the price to the utilities included in the contract. Many factors can influence the price of your rent.

Location. Across the country, there are huge differences in cost of living from city to city. Some of the priciest booth rental salons are in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami, where a chair can easily cost more than $1000 per month. In more rural areas where cost of living is much lower, your chair rental will reflect that at a price of a few hundred dollars per month.

Brand. Highly ranked salons with a competitive brand like Aveda, Paul Mitchell or Bumble and bumble sometimes charge a higher rent because they want to make sure stylists have the knowledge and experience worthy of their brand. If you rent at a branded salon like this, you will often receive training in their products and methods.

Hours. Some salons are amenable to a part-time rate on a chair rental. For example, if you choose to work only three days a week, you will probably be able to split the rent with another stylist who works the other days. Make sure you know the others’ schedule so that you don’t overlap. Of course, this can be a bit tricky during busy times of the year, but for stylists with families or second jobs it can be a good fit.

Specialty. If the salon you are considering has a particular specialty, the demand for such services can determine both the price structure of the salon and the price of your rent. Pastel blondes, extensions, or fabulous blowouts all require highly developed talent and stylists can charge astronomical fees for such services, and often pay similar rental fees.

A chair or booth rental arrangement does not include products or equipment. By “chemicalsâ€�? I assume you mean color, lightening powder, developer and styling products, none of which are included in your rent. These items must come out of your monthly income after the rent is paid.

Your chair rent usually includes water, power and access to the shop at any approved time. Sometimes your rent may also include dues for reception to field your phone calls, book appointments and screen potential clients. If you don’t want to rent a chair you can always work on commission for a salon. In this case your chemicals are provided and the salon takes a percentage of the money you earn for services rendered. Be aware that if you do work at a commission salon, your clients will be property of the salon, not your own business. In a rental arrangement, your clients, your time, your product and your money are all your own.

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