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I'm a single mom and I want to start my own home-based business. What entrepreneur jobs should I consider? Are there any entrepreneur courses that can teach me the skills I need?

Thanks for giving this some thought. I need the advice!

- Estelle

Hi, Estelle,

Great idea! Home-based businesses are becoming more and more popular and many of them are entrepreneur jobs. You'll be able to make your own schedule, be your own boss, and work as much or as little as you want.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a quarter of entrepreneurs work at home. And there are many fields you could work in. Of course, your choice of business depends on your skills and interests, but there are several sorts of businesses that you should consider.

1: Medical Transcription

Sure, some medical transcriptionists work on-site at hospitals, but there are a lot who work from home. You'll need typing skills, and you'll need to be familiar with medical terminology. If you don't have these skills yet, there are online entrepreneur courses in the field.

2: Jewelry Design and Repair

If you have fine motor skills and you like baubles, bangles, and beads this career could be perfect for you. An online course will teach you about those beautiful gem stones and the tools used in jewelry repair. With an aesthetic eye, you'll soon be designing your own jewelry!

3: Cosmetology

In most states, you need a license from a cosmetology school licensed by the state for this field. You can study online and qualify for your license in just nine months. You'll study skin care, hair styling, manicuring and with your license, you can set up a salon right in your home.

4: Gardening

What job could be better than choosing, growing, and planting flowers? Home-based entrepreneurs in this field might start a garden shop or a small greenhouse. Or, you could design gardens and hire staff for the field work.

5: Online Writer/Editor

If you're good at writing, there are a couple of occupations you should consider online writer and editor. You can choose the subjects you're interested in and know a little about. You'll do a little research for each article, and then create some internet copy.

As an online editor, you'd screen submissions, correct grammar errors, and keep the style consistent. You can do all this from your home office.

6: Real Estate Assistant Work

Real estate assistants attend to day-to-day administrative tasks for real estate brokers. A good thing about this occupation is that it allows you to enter the real estate profession without a license. A few online entrepreneur courses will teach you the specialized skills you'll need.

7: Medical Billing

Medical billing is a complex field. In this position, you'll handle insurance billing, medical coding and records management. You won't need a license for this job, but you will need some training.

8: Tax Prep

Benjamin Franklin said that nothing's certain but death and taxes and that makes them promising entrepreneur jobs. If you don't have a taste for mortuary science, consider training as a tax preparer. A lot of people don't want to make out their income tax forms themselves. So set up your own business, promote yourself, and you'll develop a clientele.

9: Paralegal Work

Maybe Ben Franklin should have included law suits in his short list. Attorneys depend on paralegal aids for administrative support. There are online courses that will teach you the jargon and some of the laws. You'll study torts, constitutional law, research skills and put them to use in a small business.

10: Fitness instructor

Are you in good physical condition? Health conscious? If you have the space in your home, you could set up the equipment and become a personal trainer. There are a various levels of certification, but a four-month course will give you the basic skills. Projected employment prospects in this field are very good.

Entrepreneur courses

If any of these entrepreneur jobs sound good to you, take a look at the courses you can take online. Study at your own pace and maybe start your business while you're in school.

Programs in each of these fields will teach you to adapt what you learn for a home-based business. But there are entrepreneur courses that focus specifically on starting your own business in your chosen field so you can approach your education either way.

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