Financial Aid for the GED

Is There Financial Aid for the GED?

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Is there financial aid available for GED classes?

If you want to take the GED, a cost-effective way is to prepare with books that you can get out of a library, and then take the GED exam at a local official site. (Your state'€™s department of education can give you accurate information on where and when you can take it). GED preparatory classes, while useful to many students, do cost more money than preparing on your own.

The GED exam, which includes various subject tests, generally costs under $100. If this cost is too much for you, you might be able to get assistance through a local vocational agency or department of social services in your state.

Finally, there is the option of the online high school diploma. You might also check to see if your a local high school has an online option. With private online high school programs, there can be tuition, which can certainly be higher than the cost of a GED test. To learn more, write to the program you are interested in and ask to speak to the school's admissions counselor.

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