Can Military Spouses Get Help to Go to Nursing School?

Can Military Spouses Get Help for Nursing School?

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Life as a military spouse can be difficult when your job may not be portable, so choosing to pursue an occupation like nursing may be a good idea.

The Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program is designed to help eligible spouses of members of the military explore and pursue education programs for fields and occupations that can be found in many locations -- a profession that can be considered portable. One such "portable" career is nursing.

Nursing Studies

If you would like to be a nurse, you may want to start with the LPN (licensed practical nurse) route, as it can be a step toward becoming a registered nurse (RN). Other education options to consider are associate degree in nursing (ADN) programs.

Academic and Financial Counseling

The SECO program aims to provide advice and information about financial assistance for education programs to eligible spouses. The program also includes an Employment Readiness service. Counselors can help identify additional resources that may help you follow your studies, as well as pay for incidental costs, such as tools, books, and child care. The counselors may also assist you in setting your professional goals and identifying other support systems.

How to Tell if a School is Eligible?

While doing research into nursing schools, look for nursing schools that are accredited and recognized by the Department of Education or Department of Defense, as well as by the board of nursing in your current state.

Nursing Scholarships

Most universities have scholarships for many different types of students. Some are based on ancestry while others on areas of study. Some U.S. universities offer scholarships specifically for military spouses.

As always, be sure to read the rules for eligibility. Generally, you would have to provide proof of status as a military spouse and then meet the university'™s requirements for program entry.


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