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Do you dream of being the next Top Chef? Mix a little career training in with your love of cooking, and you could turn your culinary career dreams into a reality. Proper training and experience are essential to launching a successful career as a chef. Your options include:
  • Certificate programs can be ideal if you are looking to beef up your degree in hospitality or food service, or if your wish is to work as a baker or pastry chef.
  • An associate degree can get you started as an assistant chef or line cook in a large kitchen. You may work your way up to sous-chef.
  • A bachelor's degree is typically required if you want to run the place. Executive chefs also usually need a healthy dose of experience and a burning desire to cook.
Whatever the degree, you should learn the basics of cooking and maintaining a kitchen and its equipment. You may also take courses on food safety and nutrition, perhaps even management and marketing.