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A number of colleges in Louisiana offer online bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in psychology. If you need to work or have family obligations that prevent spending time in a traditional classroom, online psychology schools in Louisiana offer an alternative. Schools offer hybrid programs for completion of any in-person program requirements.

Louisiana Psychology Colleges: Helping You Prepare for a New Career

To be a psychologist in Louisiana can take more than 6 years of training and education beyond a bachelor's degree. Requirements include:

  • Completion of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology/Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) from a recognized program
  • Completion of a 1500-hour internship prior to receipt of degree and 2000 post-doctoral hours supervised by a licensed psychologist including 2 hours face-to-face per week for both components
  • Passing the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP)

With additional education, training, and certification, you can qualify in one of thirteen recognized psychology specializations. In Louisiana, clinical psychologists who prescribe medication must also complete a master's degree in psychopharmacology and pass an approved national exam.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for psychologists between 2008-18 is expected to be average, around 12 percent, so graduating from a Louisiana psychology colleges can help you be competitive in the job market. Industrial and organization psychologists are expected to have the highest job growth potential. In 2009, clinical, counseling, and school psychologists had a mean annual wage of $72,310 while industrial and organizational psychologists earned $102,570.

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