Online Accounting Schools in Baltimore

Online Accounting Schools in Baltimore

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Baltimore is a national leader in key business sectors like health care, tourism, biotech, and finance. Baltimore also hosts many prestigious financial and professional services companies. Baltimore's strategic mid-Atlantic location, proximity to Washington D.C., and diverse economic base make it a major player in industry, government, and commerce. Its bustling economic future lends significance to your accounting career.

Although the unemployment rate of 8.2 percent in December 2014 is higher than than in many other areas of the nation, it is considerably better than the 10.1% recorded in August 2014. The mean annual income for all professionals in the Baltimore-Towson, MD was $52,460 in 2014, according to the BLS, which compared favorably to the national mean of $47,230.

Online Accounting Schools in Baltimore

Online accounting schools in Baltimore are mostly nationally-based commercial colleges. Maryland's higher education system offers at least one online bachelor's degree in accounting and most major universities offer an online master's degree in accounting for students already holding a bachelor's degree. Online colleges generally require four years for a bachelor's degree and an additional one to two years for the master's. Graduate studies in accounting can prepare you for the CPA exam and can expand employment possibilities.

Online accounting courses in Baltimore cover basic accounting principles such as auditing, payroll accounting, and tax law as well as more specialized areas including government and non-profit taxation, international financial management, and fundamentals of managerial accounting.

Opportunities for Graduates of Online Accounting Schools in Baltimore

The mean annual income for accountants and auditors in Baltimore was $76,670 in May 2014, which was higher than the national mean of $73,670 reported by the BLS. Typical career paths in accounting include accountancy at an auditing firm, comptroller, and finance VP. Becoming a CPA prepares you for partnerships in nationally-known auditing firms.

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