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Labor relations managers have complex jobs. It's required that these professionals have a thorough knowledge of economic and wage data, labor law, and collective bargaining trends. This knowledge is put to the test when labor relations managers prepare information for collective bargaining agreement negotiations. They must also be able to interpret and administer all aspects of a contract including grievances, salaries, employee welfare, union and management practices, health care, and pensions.

Master's Degree in Labor Relations

To learn how to accomplish all of these tasks, labor relations managers typically get a master's degree in industrial or labor relations, human resources, or a business administration degree with a concentration in human resources management. A background in law can also be helpful.

Fortunately, you can find these master's degrees both online and on-campus. Online education programs can prove especially handy if you plan to start working immediately when you graduate. The flexible schedule and convenience of attending classes via the Internet make it possible to hold down a full-time job while you earn your master's degree and broaden your job prospects.
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