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Business is the most popular field of study for master's degree students. During the 2013-2014 academic year, postsecondary institutions in the U.S. conferred over 189,000 business degrees at the master's level, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Within the field, management is a popular choice for those looking to pursue high-level administration jobs with good growth potential. Some students focus on management as part of a master of business administration (MBA) program, while others choose to pursue a dedicated master's degree in management. Both options can typically be completed in two years or less.

Quite frequently, those enrolling in a business master's degree program already have an established career. As a result, they may find it difficult to travel to campus for classes. In response, colleges and universities across the country have begun to offer flexible, online business degree programs. Keep reading to learn more about earning a master's degree in management online.

Why Get a Master's Degree in Management?

When it comes to careers in business, an advanced degree can be the difference between leading a department and being stuck in middle management. Although not always a requirement, many employers seek out applicants with master's degrees for administrative or managerial positions.

An MBA is often considered the gold standard for graduate degrees. Those with this credential can earn significantly more than their counterparts who have less education but the same experience. While not quite as well-recognized as an MBA, a master of science in management is another way workers can distinguish themselves in the job market.

The chart below highlights some of the common job titles held by those with an undergraduate or graduate degree in management. As you can see, those working in jobs where a master's degree is preferred tend to make higher incomes.


Entry-Level Education

Median Income (2015)

Expected Job Growth (2014-2024)

Management Analyst

Bachelor's Degree



Administrative Services Manager

Bachelor's Degree



Property, Real Estate, or Community Association Manager

Bachelor's Degree



Purchasing Manager

Master's Degree (for top-level positions)



Compensation and Benefits Manager

Master's Degree (preferred)



Training and Development Manager

Master's Degree (preferred)



Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

How Do You Enroll in an Online Master's Degree Program?

The enrollment process begins by submitting an application for consideration. Some business schools offering MBA programs in management are highly competitive, and you should expect to submit additional documentation for more selective institutions.

An online master's degree in management may not be as competitive as an MBA program, but prospective students can still expect to submit the following during the application process:

  • Application form with demographic, academic, and extracurricular information
  • Application fee (commonly around $50)
  • Transcripts from undergraduate programs
  • GMAT scores
  • References or letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement or letter of intent
  • Resume

For some competitive programs, there may also be an interview in which applicants meet with admissions staff either face-to-face or via video conferencing.

After admittance, a school will provide additional details regarding the enrollment process. At many institutions, new students are assigned an academic advisor who guides them through class selection and orientation.

Filling Out a Request Form

Not sure which schools offer an online master's degree in management? We can easily connect you to the appropriate institutions. Click on "Search Schools" and enter some basic information to be instantly referred to colleges and universities with programs of interest to you.

What's the Difference Between Online and Campus-Based Degrees?

There can be several differences between online and campus-based degree programs. At some schools, an online master's degree in management may be offered in an accelerated format. Students can sometimes complete these programs in less than a year, although others might take up to 18 months or more.

In addition, students may be able to customize their degree by focusing on a specific aspect of the field, such as health care management, sports management, or information technology management. However, not all of these specializations will be offered both online and on-campus. Depending on faculty availability and student interest, some concentrations may only be available in one format.

Why Is Online College Good for Master's Degrees in Management?

Since not every management specialty is available at every school, online college can be a good option for students looking to pursue concentrations in the field not offered by a campus in their area. In addition, business and management are topics that can be easily explained through digital tools such as video conferencing, multi-media presentations, and online discussion boards.

Does Location Matter for an Online Master's Degree in Management?

Some master's degree programs require online students to attend events on campus several times while enrolled. This can be especially true for MBAs in management, which may include seminars or capstone projects that call for an in-person presentation. Before enrolling in any graduate degree program, consider whether it will be convenient to travel to campus if the school has these requirements.

Are you ready to learn more? Check out the schools below to find an online management program that may be right for you. Then, request more information to find out how an advanced degree could help you take your career to new heights.


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