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Teachers grade students, but did you ever wonder who grades the teachers? Or the curriculum? Or the entire school? The answer is that this role is often filled by administrators and consultants with training in assessment and evaluation.

Get Your Master's Degree in Assessment and Evaluation Online

Educational assessment and evaluation is the process of identifying what works and what doesn't, both in the classroom and out. The method can be applied to individual students to discern how each best learns, to teaching and testing materials, and even to how resources such as teaching assistants, administrators, and funds are best allocated within a school or school district. Earning your master's degree in assessment and evaluation can position you for career advancement and higher earnings in education.

Learning Assessment and Evaluation Methods

An education assessment and evaluation professional needs to be able to gather and analyze many types of information, and the assessment and evaluation master's degree curriculum reflects this. Areas of study include statistics, curriculum development, test construction, and data processing and analysis. The career opportunities such a degree opens up are equally diverse, including becoming a department head or assistant principal in elementary and secondary schools, moving into academic administrative positions at colleges and universities, and, in the private sector, developing and evaluating testing materials.
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