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To many people, the term "educator" refers only to teachers. While teachers are obviously a vital cog in this process, to be successful they need well-thought-out plans of relevant lessons using effective tools and materials.

Get Your Master's Degree in Curriculum Design

The creators of these plans, the curriculum designers, are often former teachers who have moved into administrative roles. If you have an interest in pursuing a career in education, but aren't sure you want to spend your entire career in the classroom, a master's degree in curriculum design could be the right choice.

An Evolving Career

Curriculum design goes far beyond covering the three R's. Only 20 years ago, for example, students might have had an opportunity to take a computer class or two as high school electives. And decade or so before that, students relied on slide rules to get through high school math. Today, computers are integral to education at all levels, and no one under the age of 40 even knows what a slide rule does. Curriculum designers are trained to understand the different ways children learn, to develop and evaluate teaching materials, and to possess strong communication skills so that they can keep their schools' curricula current and effective.
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