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Higher education institutions resemble elementary and secondary schools in some ways--both are in the business of educating students, for example--but there are significant structural differences. Most school administrators are former teachers who worked their way up. At the college level, however, this isn't the case.

Pursue a Career as a College Administrator with a Master's Degree in Higher Education

College or university professors typically have an advanced degree or significant real world experience in their field, and they tend not to leave that field. Administration of higher education facilities is a specialty unto itself, rather than an extension of a teaching career. A master's degree in higher education can prepare you for a rewarding career creating a fertile learning environment for the next generation of leaders as a college or university administrator.

An Education in Education

College and university administrators are responsible for all facets of campus life, from admissions to student life, from academic counseling to sports administration. A master's degree in higher education will prepare you for this diversity with courses in educational administration and organizational management. In most programs you will also have an opportunity to declare a specialty, such as enrollment/admissions or academic research. An online higher education degree can make it easy to teach while being taught.
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