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Special education teachers help students overcome or learn to live with a wide variety of disabilities, including moderate to severe learning disabilities, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities. Some such disabilities include autism or Asperger's syndrome, hearing or visual impairment, health problems such as muscular dystrophy or traumatic brain injury, and emotional disturbances.

Earn Your Master's Degree in Special Education

Learning how to help children manage so many different conditions requires substantial training: many undergraduate special education programs actually take five years to complete, versus four years for a regular undergraduate teacher program, and many states require a master's degree to be licensed as a special education teacher. A master's degree in special education qualifies you for licensure anywhere in the country, and helps ensure that your students are benefiting from the latest teaching methods and research.

Earning an Advanced Degree

Special education master's degree programs cover a broad range of topics, including educational psychology, child development, and strategies for teaching disabled students. Many programs also allow you to focus on a specific specialty, such as helping children with learning disabilities, teaching the visually impaired, or helping children with severe disabilities such as autism. For versatility and flexibility, consider earning this degree online.
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