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Teaching is an attractive and -- importantly in the current economic climate -- a fairly recession-proof profession. Salaries have been increasing steadily for years, most positions include very good benefits and regular raises, and you typically get summers off. The combined appeal of a stable job market, job security, and good pay are drawing more people than ever into the profession.

Learn How to Become a Teacher through a Master's Degree Program

Teaching opportunities are still -- and are expected to remain -- plentiful, but the influx of new teachers means that competition for the choicest jobs is fierce. If you are preparing for a career in education, give yourself a leg up on the competition by enrolling in a master's degree program.

A Higher Level of Education

All teaching degree programs cover much of the same material, including classroom management, elementary and/or secondary school curriculum, the psychology of learning, teaching methods, and so on. But a master's degree program allows you the opportunity to broaden your area of study -- to learn how to teach at the elementary and secondary level, for example, or to add a focus like "reading specialist" or teaching English as a Second Language. Such diversification may make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

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