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Earning a master's in nursing is a great career training idea for students looking to specialize in a certain healthcare specialty. It's also a versatile college degree, with "RN to MN" programs available, where master's in nursing (MN) programs are linked to registered nurse (RN) programs, enabling students to pursue both in sequence. You can also complete your master's through online education, providing flexibility and easy-to-access career training that you can finish on your own schedule. Online education degree programs in nursing often focus on the following topics:
  • Healthcare administration
  • Clinical training and research
  • Public health
  • Medicine and medication
  • Physician assistance
Some graduates of college degree programs such as a master's in nursing pursue careers as nurses, for example: registered, lead, supervising, or home nurses. Many of these positions require licensure and further education. Others pursue different jobs in healthcare, such as hospital or healthcare consulting or clinical research and testing.
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