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The great state of Michigan may be an ideal place to practice as a registered nurse. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that registered nurses in Ann Arbor, Michigan earned a mean annual salary of $66,570 in 2009. This is almost exactly in line with the national mean salary of $66,530 for RNs in 2009.

Michigan is no exception to the nationwide nursing shortage. Already thousands short in nursing staff, it is estimated that by 2015, the shortage of registered nurses in the state could reach 18,000. Unfortunately, the RN shortage in Michigan is a contributing factor to the growing difficulty many aspiring nurses are having in being accepted to nursing programs. Qualified applicants are turned away by the thousands each year due to lack of nursing faculty and funding.

Earning Your Online Nursing Degree in Michigan

Fortunately, accredited online nursing schools in Michigan are able to lend a helping hand. Online RN programs in Michigan can help you advance your nursing education.

Online nursing schools in Michigan allow students to pursue their education in a convenient, self-paced fashion, making it an attractive option for those with hectic work and family schedules. Registered nurses can also complete their mandatory continuing education units (CEUs) online, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Online nursing degrees in Michigan are available at almost every level, whether you are pursuing a certificate, an RN-to-BSN, or higher. With both online and hybrid (online and on-campus) programs available, online RN programs in Michigan have a lot to offer both aspiring and practicing RNs.

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