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Army Tuition Assistance: Background & Summary

One of several educational military benefits, the U.S. Army Tuition Assistance Program helps army soldiers attain a college education. The Army Tuition Assistance program pays for courses taken by servicemen and women while they are on active duty. While the GI Bill assists soldiers in getting an education after the service, tuition assistance is also available when you serve.

Who is Eligible for Army Tuition Assistance?

In order to be eligible for U.S. Army Tuition Assistance, you must be either an active duty Army soldier or a member of the Army National Guard or Army Reserve on active duty. Tuition Assistance military benefits are available for soldiers of all ranks.

How to Get Army Tuition Assistance

When enrolling in the U.S. Army Tuition Assistance Program, you first must apply and be accepted into an educational program at a covered institution. You can find out if a school is covered by working with the education center on post to contact the school.

Tuition Assistance can be used for both campus based and online colleges, as well as for programs such as certificate programs and high school diploma programs. As you are transferred to other duty stations, you can use your tuition assistance to pick up courses at multiple universities, as dictated by the rules of each university. You must re-apply for tuition assistance with each course you take.

What's Covered by Army Tuition Assistance?

The U.S. Army Tuition Assistance Program covers most expenses incurred while taking in-school or online education courses. This includes tuition, any fees that the college charges for enrollment, laboratory fees for courses with a laboratory portion, and other instructional fees. In some cases, textbooks may also be covered.

The Tuition Assistance Program pays for 100 percent of the eligible expenses as you take the courses. However, there is a yearly maximum of $4,500 total benefits.

Applying for Army Tuition Assistance

You have several resources at your command to learn how to apply for Tuition Assistance military benefits. You should first speak with your education center or your unit educational officer, and find out how your unit handles application procedures. You can also learn more at the U.S. Army Web site.