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Navy Tuition Assistance: Background & Summary

Various military benefits exist to help Navy personnel attain higher education. While the GI Bill is usually used to pursue a degree after separating from the service, the U.S. Navy Tuition Assistance Program is in place to help servicemen and women work toward their degrees while on active duty.

Who is Eligible for Navy Tuition Assistance?

In order to be eligible for the U.S. Navy Tuition Assistance Program and military benefits, you must be either an active duty member of the Navy, or a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve who is currently on active duty. Personnel of all ranks are eligible.

How to Get Navy Tuition Assistance

When you apply for the U.S. Navy Tuition Assistance Program, you must first apply to and be accepted by an accredited university that is covered by this military benefit. The U.S. Department of Education publishes a list of the schools and universities that have accreditation, so search their site to check if your desired school is accredited.

The tuition assistance benefits can be used to pay for both on-campus courses and for online degree programs. Additionally, the funds can be used on courses in other types of programs, such as high school diploma or certificate programs. As you are transferred to other stations, you can change your university and continue to take courses using your tuition assistance benefits. You must apply for tuition assistance for each course that you take.

What's Covered by Navy Tuition Assistance?

The U.S. Navy Tuition Assistance Program covers most of the expenses involved in pursuing a college degree. This includes tuition, any enrollment fees that the college requires, instructional fees, and laboratory fees for courses that take place in a laboratory. These benefits pay 100 percent of the eligible expenses of courses, but there is a maximum amount that the benefits will provide: up to $250 per semester hour, and up to 16 semester hours per year.

If you accrue educational expenses not covered by Tuition Assistance, and you are eligible for the Active Duty GI Bill, you can choose to use your GI Bill benefits to cover expenses that Navy Tuition Assistance doesn't.

Applying for Navy Tuition Assistance

In order to learn how to apply for the U.S. Navy Tuition Assistance Program, go to your unit education office. You can also find more information at the U.S. Navy Web site.