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Mississippi has seen more than its fair share of challenges in recent years. Hurricane Katrina devastated coastal areas, and the subsequent recession led to high unemployment across the state. However, residents have reason to be hopeful, as the state's economic fortunes are beginning to rise. When they do, Mississippi online schools offer the education residents will need to take advantage of new opportunities.

Mississippi Economy: Ready for the Rebound

The recent recession was particularly brutal in Mississippi, but Moody's Analytics now rates Mississippi as "recovering," citing trade and the low cost of doing business as strengths of the state's economy. Moderate growth is expected to continue during the second half of the calendar year as every industry in the private sector, except manufacturing and finance, continues to add jobs.

Find Training Programs at Mississippi Online Schools

For many in the state, online schools offer a viable alternative to traditional degree programs. Not only does the weak economy mean many Mississippians can't take time off work for school, much of the population lives far from the populous areas where colleges tend to be located. With 80 percent of its counties in rural areas, Mississippi is one of the most rural states in the country.

Fortunately for residents of Mississippi, online degree programs are available for those who need to schedule classes around work or who do not have a traditional college or university nearby. Online degree programs may be offered exclusively online or combined with on-campus learning for a hybrid program. In addition, online programs can be found in almost all fields at all levels - from associate to doctoral programs as well as vocational training.

Careers and Jobs Outlook in Mississippi

Although you can earn a Mississippi online degree for almost any occupation, some careers may be a particularly good investment. Here are a few of the jobs expected by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security to grow the fastest from 2008 to 2018 as well as the 2009 average salary for Mississippi professionals working in these fields:

  • Registered nurses: 28.5 percent projected job growth and mean annual wages of $58,097. Education required: Bachelor's degree in nursing
  • Truck drivers, heavy and tractor-trailer: 15.5 percent projected job growth and mean annual wages of $37,267. Education required: Completion of coursework at a truck driving school and CDL training center
  • Elementary school teachers: 26.3 percent projected job growth and mean annual wages of $41,771. Education required: Bachelor's degree in education for entry level positions; some employers may prefer job candidates with a master's degree in education

Education for these and other fulfilling careers can be found at Mississippi online schools. As the state makes its way toward economic recovery, investing in your educational future can help you move up as well.

Online Schools in Mississippi

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