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If you gather executives from any music business company into a room and examine their college transcripts, chances are you'll find few similarities. The music business is a rare industry where professionals from a variety of backgrounds blend their respective talents to help their companies and clients succeed. Targeted online music business courses allow professionals to build critical skills and learn the best practices from specific fields.

Music Business Courses

For decades, professionals relied almost exclusively on internal and informal mentoring programs to pass along knowledge about the music business. Today, some of the industry's most successful writers, producers, and executives share their wisdom through online music business courses. Accessible to beginners as well as seasoned professionals, these short classes offer a flexible, affordable way to learn this complex business.

Berklee College of Music

Study the Music and Recording Industry with the top music school in the country

Think like an entrepreneur, work at a label and understand management and publishing. Earn college credit!

These production courses are offered entirely online with Berklee's renowned faculty.

Work in the profitibale and exciting field of the music business and recording industry. Record Labels, distributors, managers, any area can benefit from BerkleeMusic's Music Business courses.

Choose from individual courses, or three levels of certificate programs. We also have a complete list of all courses in music business.

Inside the Record Industry

Whether your focus is on getting a record deal, or learning the skills necessary to produce, market, and distribute music yourself, Inside the Record Industry demystifies the record industry, and offers realistic strategies for success to artists looking to get their music heard.

George Howard (12 weeks) 3 Credits

The Future of Music and the Music Business

This 12-week course is about discovering successful strategies for future success in the music industry. The Future of Music course will examine scenarios for the future from the perspective of what is working today and what will work tomorrow.

Dave Kusek (12 weeks) 3 Credits

Music Business 101

If you are looking to further your career in the business end of the music industry, you cannot be successful without first understanding the entire industry as a whole. Music Business 101 presents a broad overview of the recording and music industry, and the knowledge you'll need to achieve your goals.

Lauren Davis (12 weeks) 3 Credits

Creating a Promo Kit that Works

In this workshop, you'll write and design a package of materials that tells the story behind your music - in a way that will make journalists, club bookers, and DJs really take notice. In less than a month, you'll have a polished, well-written package to help you get better gigs, airplay and media coverage.

Susan Gedutis (3 weeks) 1 Credits

How to Get a Job in the Music and Recording Industry

Gain the information and skills you need to launch and build a successful career in the music and recording industry. Create a focused resume and realistic "game plan" to help you follow your chosen career path, and dramatically increase your odds of landing the position you really want.

Keith Hatschek (6 weeks) 2 Credits

The Self-Promoting Musician

This course will help you pinpoint what makes you stand out from the crowd with laser-accuracy so that you can achieve the success you dream of in your musical career. You can apply these skills to improve your personal situation and propel your business.

Peter Spellman (6 weeks) 2 Credits

Web Design for Musicians

Present yourself or your band in the best possible way online by learning the visual, audio, and technical components essential to creating music-focused web sites. This class provides an entry point for Web authoring specifically designed for the needs of musician, producers, entrepreneurs, and educators.

Neil Leonard (6 weeks) 2 Credits

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  • The Self-Promoting Musician
  • How to Get a Job in the Music and Recording Industry
  • Creating a Promo Kit that Works
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