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Until the dawn of rock and roll, music production usually took place in a fairly sterile environment. Today's technology explosion has changed the music production business, with dozens of recording platforms and an endless supply of gear to use during sessions. While launching a music production career can be daunting enough, maintaining your knowledge of new music production techniques can be challenging, as well.

Music Production Courses and Certificate Programs Online

Newcomers and experienced professionals enroll in music production courses for the same reasons: to discover how to use the latest tools to create recordings that can stand the test of time. Music production courses offer students hands-on experience with expensive studio hardware and software, along with access to expert instructors.

Berklee College of Music

Study producing with the top music school in the country

Learn the concepts, techniques and technologies of the studio and home producer, and get college credit!

These production courses are offered entirely online with Berklee's renowned faculty.

If you want to take music recording and producing more seriously, then BerkleeMusic's online producer courses are just for you. Learn the techniques and technology you can use in the studio or at home to produce great sounding mixes in a wide range of styles.

Choose from individual courses, or three levels of certificate programs. We also have a complete list of all courses in music production.

Desktop Music Production for Mac or PC

Master the tools and techniques for producing great-sounding music at home and create high quality recordings ready for CD or MP3. You'll master concepts like digitization, signal flow, multi-tracking, equalization, signal processing, MIDI, and everything you need to turn your Mac or PC into a virtual multitrack studio.

Michael Bierylo, David Mash and Steve MacLean (12 weeks) 3 Credits

Sound Design for the Electronic Musician

This course begins by introducing you to the basics of how synthesizers work, sound design concepts, and how to program a wide variety of synthesizers. From there you'll explore more detailed aspects of sound creation and manipulation including imitating acoustic instruments, FM, oscillator sync, ring modulation, and advanced modulation; techniques that you can transfer to any hardware or software synthesizer.

Michael Bierylo and David Mash (12 weeks) 3 Credits

ProTool 101

Pro Tools 101 curriculum is developed by Digidesign and constitutes the first stage of its Pro Tools certification program. Berkleemusic is the exclusive online provider of Digidesign's Pro Tools 101 course.

Digidesign & and Andy Edelstein (10 weeks) 3 Credits

Production Workshop

Become a better producer under the expert guidance of a Berklee Professor of Music Production, and collaboration with other producers. This seminar is open to anyone who has produced three recordings (available in MP3 format), ready to submit for potential seminar review.

Mitchell Benoff (6 weeks) 2 Credits

MIDI Sequencing: Beginner and Intermediate

You'll thoroughly explore the capabilities of MIDI sequencing technology and learn effective processes and approaches to production. By the end of this course you will have gained the ability to compose music and arrange instruments in a variety of different musical styles using MIDI sequencing.

Michael Moss (3 weeks) 1 Credits or (12 Weeks) 3 Credits

Music Theory

Pitch. Rhythm. Scales. Intervals. Chords. Harmony. If you're serious about music, these are fundamental concepts you need to understand and master. Music Theory 101 is the course that will set you on your way, or take Music Theory 201 for more advanced concepts.

Paul Schmeling (12 weeks) 3 Credits

Recording and Producing for Guitarists

This course is essential to any guitarist interested in expanding their recording and production skills. Also, producers and engineers that have an intermediate level of guitar background and the capability to play simple melodic and chordal parts over basic chord changes will also benefit.

Randy Roos (6 weeks) 2 Credits

Producing Music with Ableton Live, Digital Performer, and Reason

Get in-depth information on knowledge on any of these software titles. Take a song from start to finish and make it sound professional.

Various Instructors (12 weeks) 3 Credits

All Production courses from Berklee Music

  • Desktop Music Production for Mac
  • Desktop Music Production for PC
  • Sound Design for the Electronic Musician
  • Sampling and Audio Production
  • Pro Tools 101
  • Producing with Pro Tools
  • Mixing and Mastering with Pro Tools
  • Production Workshop
  • MIDI Sequencing Basics
  • MIDI Sequencing Intermediate
  • Music Theory 101
  • Music Theory 201
  • Arranging 1
  • Making Music with GarageBand
  • Producing Music with Reason
  • Producing Music with Digital Performer
  • Producing Music with Ableton Live
  • Recording and Producing in the Home Studio
  • Critical Listening
  • Web Design for Musicians
  • Recording and Producing for Guitarists
  • Amps, Effects and Getting Your Guitar Sound