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Private and public New Jersey colleges are thought to be among the best in the country. But as with colleges everywhere, New Jersey schools are suffering from economic woes. The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities reports that New Jersey's is one of over 40 states whose higher education budget has been cut. Gov. Christopher Christie announced massive cuts in March 2010: $175 million in the 2010 fiscal year alone.

Why Online Education in New Jersey Is a Good Choice

New Jersey colleges do not come with a bargain price tag; as noted by the College Board, New Jersey public college tuition is the third highest in the nation. And because of higher education budget cuts, class offerings and instructors are likely to be reduced, and tuition is expected to rise even higher. Such an environment makes online schools in New Jersey especially attractive. For students struggling to pay tuition bills, New Jersey online schools offer a great education that can be more affordable than traditional programs. Online education offers New Jersey students flexible schedules and courses they can take from home: this means students can keep their current jobs and eliminate commuting costs for school. Online schools also allow you to avoid the costs of relocating or living in a costly college town. Because they are not limited by location, students of New Jersey online schools can shop around for their ideal program and the best value.

Degree Programs Available from Online Schools in New Jersey

Online schools in New Jersey offer nearly unlimited program options. Part-time and full-time class loads are available. You can take either 100 percent online classes or enroll in hybrid programs that combine online courses with in-person ones. The hybrid option works well for programs such as nursing or education, because of the internship-type education involved: nursing students must complete clinicals in hospitals and education students must teach in classrooms. But this does not mean many courses can't be completed online.

Through New Jersey online colleges, you can complete your high school diploma, take continuing education courses, earn a professional certificate, or complete your degree at any level: associate, bachelor's, master's, or doctorate.

The Benefits of Pursuing Online Education in New Jersey

The first things often associated with online education are flexibility and convenience. As long as you have a computer and Internet access, you can attend class. This allows you to keep your current job and study around your own schedule. You can earn a degree in a program you choose without having to relocate or commute.

In addition, accredited New Jersey online schools have credibility; through accreditation, online schools must meet the same high standards as accredited campus-based colleges. Completing education at accredited schools could potentially help you advance in your career, earn more money, or begin a new career.

Job Opportunities for New Jersey Degree Holders

Completing New Jersey online schools can help you enter one of New Jersey's top industries. As in other states, health care and education employ large numbers of workers in New Jersey. In addition, the following industries are big employers in New Jersey:

  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agribusiness
  • Tourism and hospitality

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, even in a struggling economy, jobs in education and health care, especially, are anticipated for continued growth. Attending New Jersey online colleges can help you enter these or other fields.

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