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As one of the global hubs for the finance industry, New York is bursting with lucrative opportunities for those interested in fields such as business, banking, finance, and related occupations. However, because the state is populated by some of the best and brightest luminaries in these fields, competition for entry-level roles is likely to be tight. Relevant coursework toward a degree in business, such as an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree, or an MBA, can give jobseekers looking to break into the business field in New York a definite edge over the competition. Taking the initiative to further your education can be well worth the effort--according to most recent data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for those employed in the business and financial operations sector in New York was $81,110 in 2009.

Back to School on Your Own Terms: Exploring Online Business Schools in New York

If you think that pursuing a degree in business has to be a full-time endeavor, think again. Using Internet technology, many colleges and universities have been able to establish distance learning programs and hybrid programs (which combine online and on-site classes) to supplement their traditional degree programs. Today, there are dozens of New York online business schools for students in the region to choose from. By picking and choosing from among available courses and programs, you can devise a personalized business school curriculum that works for you and will position you to succeed in the state's unique economy, whether you plan to seek work in one of the high finance firms in Manhattan or the agricultural and manufacturing sectors that drive the economy of the upstate region.

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