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Over 19 million people live in the state of New York in 2007, which was only slightly higher than the population in 2006. In fact, between 1997 and 2007, the population of New York increased only 3.4 percent- well below the national average of 10.6 percent. If you're researching New York teaching certifications, you might want to know that New York also has the third highest student enrollment numbers, with 2,711,603 students. Despite these high numbers, the student to teacher ratio is 12:1, compared to a national average of 15.2.

How much do teachers in New York get paid? More than teachers in any other state in the country. The average salary of a public school teacher is $69,118 (127.2 percent of the national average). From the 2007-08 to the 2008-09 school year, New York teachers' salaries increased 5.5 percent.

New York Teaching Certifications

To become a certified teacher in New York, you need to have some sort of education and student teaching, pass selected New York State Teacher Certification Examination test, and attend several workshops. New York offers several different paths to teacher certification depending on your current level of education. All paths include classes from New York teaching programs.

Teaching certification in New York varies depending on the type of certificate, including the initial certificate, professional certificate, provisional certificate, and permanent certificate. Online New York teacher certification may only be an option for obtaining a bachelor's degree in your subject area of choice, if that's the path you choose to teacher certification. Some online teacher certification programs include classroom-based teaching experiences and student teaching opportunities. You will want to check with the New York State Education Department before enrolling in any degree program to make sure it meets the state's requirements.

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