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The once-sleepy southern state of North Carolina has emerged as a business powerhouse in recent decades, now ranking among the growing economies in the United States, particularly in high-tech fields such as biotechnology, green technology, and information technology. And while traditionally active sectors such as agriculture and textile manufacturing still contribute significantly to the state's economy, the scope and complexity of these industries has increased considerably.

Jobseekers seeking business success in the state have to be equipped with the knowledge necessary to handle complex deals, global partnerships, and rapidly evolving economic conditions. While the average salary for North Carolinians employed in occupations related to business and financial operations was $60,110 in 2009, applicants with a track record of completed coursework or a finished degree in hand are more likely to have a shot at higher-level business jobs that offer the best compensation.

Get Ahead With Help From North Carolina Online Business Schools

North Carolina's economy includes of industries that have been present in the state for hundreds of years, such as tobacco farming and furniture manufacturing, and high-tech sectors that have sprung up in recent years. In order to devise a business school curriculum that can prepare you for success in the state's unique business landscape, it may be beneficial to draw from a number of sources to create a program that meets your needs. Online business schools in North Carolina offer a number of degree programs that are specifically geared to position students for career success in the business field in the state. What's more, the convenience of online degree programs allows students to more easily combine distance learning programs with traditional campus learning, or even with internship or work-study opportunities. Some students even choose to retain their existing full-time positions while pursuing a degree--this measure of flexibility is one of the chief benefits of enrolling in one of the online business schools in North Carolina.

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